What does your service include?

Peninsula Palms provides a full service helping select appropriate plants for your environment, installing plants and maintaining plants. Peninsula Palms also provides a full range of accessories to augment your chosen plants.

Is there a minimum number of plants we can hire?

No, Peninsula Palms can provide 1 plant right up to a full range for special events such as corporate functions or weddings.

Do you charge for a quote?

No Peninsula Palms will discuss with you a suitable plant selection that will be tailored to your unique environment and will prepare a quote based on this.

What Qualifications do you have?

Peninsula Palms is operated and run by Australian qualified horticulturists.

Do you have Accessories?

Yes, Peninsula Palms has a full range of accessories including planter boxes, plant pots and custom made planters which will all add an extra visual look to any hired plants.