Trade Tips

Air Quality

Plants can increase the air quality in any office, eg in an artificial environment such as an office area that may have artificial light and air conditioning, plants can provide a beautiful environment and can also help to improve the quality of air you will inhale.


Many types of plants require differing amount of light to thrive. Make sure that there is sufficient light for your chosen plants. Placing your hire plants in the correct spot is essential.


Not every plant requires the same amount of water but wet the soil thoroughly and the water should drain right through to the bottom. The amount of watering will depend on the type of plant.


Temperature is another factor that must be correct for indoor plants to thrive. As a general rule temperatures between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit, during the day and 10-15 degrees cooler at night. Now this will not cover all plants, but this is the range for most of the indoor plants.

Plant Pots and Containers

Make sure that you have a pot that can adequately allow the water to drain out of it. Also, before putting a plant in a pot you have used for another plant, make sure you clean it out.